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Monday, October 14, 2013

A Different Perspective

There's always more to life than your own perspective! So, open your mind, and think out of the box!!

The Eternal Question - Does God Exist?

Some incidents in life get you thinking! You were praying really hard for something not to happen, and just in the nick of time - it didn't. Or, you wished something came true, and for no rhyme or reason it did come true. Sheer coincidence, where the universe aligned all the required elements at the right time to be in your favor or is there something bigger than all of us sitting up there listening, giving what we want, when we need it.

I've had many arguments on these lines with friends and family. I have to confess, I've not been to church in a long time. In the same breath I must admit that I pray every single day, twice a day without a break - come what may. Now, does that make me a believer or a sinner? I believe there is a God. I believe he is up there listening to all of us. And yes, I do believe that he exists. You ask me for proof, I have none. i just have faith and belief.

There are many times in my life when I've wished for something to happen real bad. And it did. There are times when I didn't see things coming, and it hit me right in the face. It's only later I realized that the incident made me a better person. These, and much more makes me believe that there is more to life than what we make of it.

One form of God for me is love. Love unconditionally, without expecting anything in return and that is one form of God. Sharing love expecting something in return is human. Being human is easy. Pushing yourselves to deliver more than just being human is what makes us extraordinary. And that's when we will be ready to find and accept God.

When that promotion comes in unexpectedly, or luck just seems to favor you suddenly; when you question fate, destiny or anything that you cannot put a finger on - know that there is more to this world than you can ever understand. Give up what holds you back, embrace the unknown and I promise you will 'see' that there is a God.